Wish Vehicles, the new full length album by Celestogramme (out 04/14/15 on In Situ Records) aims a radiotelescope at the cosmos and drives a golden stake into the hard rock of the planet. This is the quantum intersection between deep time and the fleeting present. Ancient objects and concepts are filtered through a rainbow lens of glittering psychedelic pop music and re-contextualized as metaphors for personal integration with the eternal mysteries of the universe. 

In 2009, songwriter and student of archaeology and biology Amanda Lindsey met legendary producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Game Theory, Ex Hex) and their minds immediately melded over a shared love of harpsichords, mellotrons, and Soft Machine's Volume 1. Over the course of a few years, Wish Vehicles was recorded in sacred stolen moments between dissection labs, international prehistoric excavations, and the business of running Fidelitorium recording studio in the majestic hinterland of Winston-Salem, NC. The 10 songs on this record are the result of their combined interest in constructing Solid Gold Hits that obliterate all linear notions of time and space.

Celestogramme is a wild animal consuming the past, applying some echo and fuzz, and presenting it to the future in a vivid brew of technicolor splendor. It is a rock record. It is a baroque punk record. It is a post-processual archaeology record that you will sing along to and want to play again and again.